EPURIFYS- i-shower / Chlorine-removed filter Bathroom Shower head(shower filter)(classical Champagne)

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Key Features

i-shower Chlorine-removed filter Bathroom Shower head(shower filter)(Classical Champagne)


japan-made food-grade filter
tai-chi stone porcelain balls
Safe Container─PETG


25*9*10cm(purifier with box)
7*4*8cm(filter with box)


673g (purifier with box)
110g(filter with box)


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98% Costumers 


Famed By Taiwan Well-known Media 



Watch out! 

These Are Harmful to Your Health! 

Chlorine: Absorbed by skin can acidize the protein in hair and skin.

THMs ( Trihalomethanes ): By-product from Chlorine, which is regarded as a carcinogens.

Heavy Metal: Destroy the nerve system, triggering cardiovascular disease

Impurities: Clogging pores, making sensitive and dried skin.

Where Dose Chlorine Go ? 

Many medical researches have shown that Chlorine can be absorbed by our skin. Harmful substance’s absorption percentages through skin could be 6-100 times higher than drinking water.

Chlorine has been commonly utilized in killing bacteria such as at pool or water treatment plants.

Chlorine combines with natural compounds to form toxic by-products such as THMs (Trihalomethanes) and chlorinated hydrocarbons. These chlorine by-products trigger the production of free radicals in the body, causing cell damage, and are highly carcinogenic.

The main function

1.High-end innovative water purifier sold over 100,000 sets in the world, reputed as the shower industry’s iPhone by the media.

2. First in the market to use Japanese food grade filter that instantly removes 100% chlorine; drinking water bacterial test of less than 5, far higher than national drinking water standard; removes bacteria effectively.

3. The tourmalines is rich in negative air ions with energy up to 2,500, which can remove odors and heavy metals from water, keeping your hair and skin moist.

4. The 304 stainless steel filter plate has 336 diamond-cutting micro holes, which can clean your skin thoroughly and give you the feeling of SPA water treatment.

*Key point/ Sales focus/ Benefits

Tai-Chi Far Infrared Ray stones 

Tourmalines & Negative stones

Professional Chlorine-removed filtration

366 diamond-cut ultra micropores meticulous currents

Safe Container─PETG

Water Saving 30-50%

Best Skin Care Product

Prevent cancer from carcinogen in dirty water

Friendly Environment 

Authorized by Tai-Chi Stone Technology co. 

Have Fashionable & Exquisite Appearance

The joint was designed for international general specification. We make it more portable, offering you a good quality using water wherever you go.


The Energetic Stone From the Himalayas

A legend has it that these mysterious stones are from ancient Nepal, which is benefit to human health. Tai-chi stone releases far- infrared ray to decrease water clusters and increase skin temperature and microcirculation of human bodies after bath with a soft water column. Help skin care products absorb more quickly.


Eliminates metal substance and abnormal smell & High anion concentration

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